All that glitters is gold

On July 22, gold prices in India reached an all time high of INR 50,000 for the first time. Gold prices increased by more than 27% from the recent low of INR 38,400 in March 2020. Even in the global markets, spot gold prices rose to USD 1,865.81 an ounce, the highest in almost eight … Continue reading All that glitters is gold


Who controls oil prices? US or OPEC

Crude oil prices are mainly determined by three factors-Supply, Demand and Geopolitcs. Theoretically, oil prices should be a function of supply and demand. When supply and demand increase, prices should drop and vice versa. However, oil's status as the preferred source of energy has complicated its pricing. The process of fixing the price of oil goes … Continue reading Who controls oil prices? US or OPEC


Recently I have been very fortunate to know about the world's most important sector i.e. Oil & Gas. The Oil & Gas Industry sometimes becomes too difficult to grasp and hence I decided to post this article to explain the basics for this Industry. A Primer on the Oil & Gas Industry The Oil & … Continue reading UNDERSTANDING THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY IN INDIA